Sub-Text takes reading to a new level!

Submitted 7 years ago
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Subtext is a great way to keep the students engaged while helping them in ELA. I think this tool is extremely useful in every classroom because this tool allows you to customize to fit your lesson. As a social studies teacher we use this with our primary and secondary texts. Subtext is align to standards to ensure the students are learning what is necessary to ensure their educational success.

How I Use It

I use subtext on primary and secondary texts in my social studies classroom. Recently we completed a lesson on the 5 themes of geography. During those classes we completed a close reading assignment with subtext on the themes. I used the app to embed close reading questions. I also used videos to help explain the themes. Many of my students do not enjoy reading however they really enjoyed this application. This app worked well with modeling, guided practice, small group, and individual group usage. The digital text keeps the students engaged and on task.