Awesome tool for performing a close read with annotation of high quality literature.

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

The Subtext App functions somewhat different than the Subtext web browser version. However, the idea is the same in that you assign texts for students to annotate or respond to. The focus is geared towards the Common Core Standards and allows the teacher to differentiate instruction through the groupings and types of questioning. I believe that this app/web program is geared for upper grade readers, because of both the level of available texts and knowledge required to fluidly use the tools.

How I Use It

I am still learning about this app. I personally have tried the iPad App and the web browser version. The App has an easier user interface and is self-explanatory compared to the slightly different web browser version. I have assigned a couple of reading tasks to test out with my whole class. We're in the process of completing a lesson and have found it very useful for creating deeper understanding of literature with guided instruction available throughout the assigned readings. Initially this app or web version appears daunting, but after a few trials it becomes second nature to use.