Another app that reinvents the classroom.

Submitted 9 years ago
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Subtext is one of those apps that revolutionize the way the classroom works. With Subtext, students read books, free or paid, or PDF's. The teacher and fellow students can make annotations that are then shared with the entire class. The teacher can put in an annotation and the other students can comment on the teacher's post. The teacher can even put in a quiz or a link to a video that reinforces the content or provides valuable background knowledge for students who may not be familiar with the content of the book. Add in that students log in with either their Google ID or their Edmodo login, and it makes it an easy way for kids to have access to this amazing App.

How I Use It

This app can be used in just about every subject. While you are limited to the book library and funding, you can always put in PDF's as well. This app is great for in class discussions, small group reading, and even as homework. I highly recommend it!