Excellent platform to support transformed teaching that puts powerful learning in the hands of students.

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I LOVE using StudySync in my classroom because it challenges the students, yet engages them in learning using modes that are increasingly pervasive in modern culture. It helps me to truly differentiate my instruction and spend time with individual students who really need more assistance, but then also allow those who want to push forward more the opportunity to do that, too. It does not not much time to set up and get started, but, like any robust curricular support there are so many great resources within this one platform that it does take some time to learn exactly how to tailor the specific facets of the resource to the needs of each class of students.

How I Use It

I use this platform with both my AP English Literature students and a mixed-ability British Literature course that is co-taught with a special education student. StudySync is phenomenal for engaging students in multiple facets of learning from introducing them to literary and language concepts, to reinforcing those ideas through the school year and ultimately giving them independent, creative control over their own analyses of a literature.

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