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Hmmm, not that great, sloppy in parts

Quite disappointed in places. Whilst I'm sure much of it is fine, I've seen plenty of examples of sloppily written assignments. For example one just now on an assignment on "Who is more useful" about the reproductive system, the assignment doesn't make sense, you're supposed to rank which part of the reproductive system is most important.

It seems to imply that you could reproduce with one system and not another when to me it seems they’re all equally important, you can’t reproduce without skin nor without a circulatory system, so how can you say which is more important.

The other thing is it seems to be asking for the same thing twice, first you have to rank the systems by their importance and then in part 2 you have to… rank them by their importance?

I've seen math questions with such poor grammar it's unclear what they are asking.

So, sorry Study Forge, you get a C+ "could do better" or "more effort required".

I am rating it 3 out of 5 in the boxes below but notice in the preview that commonsense are recording it as 5 stars for some reason, so sorry commonsense, also, "could do better"

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