Great Visual Assess for the Geography Classroom

Submitted 7 years ago
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My Take

StrataLogica offers an interactive globe in the classroom. I think that the use of layers of the maps is a tool that can be used for the knowledgeable geography teacher. I love that the students we so excited to use maps and explore. However, I probably wont be using this application again. This is a paid app (I use the 30 day trial) and there are plenty of websites that offer similar maps for free. I would however say that if a class is strictly geography it could be very beneficial.

How I Use It

StrataLogica is a resource to help aid the geography classroom. At the beginning of every year we focus on geography and where things are around the world. I use this application on the smart board to use as an interactive map. I layer the maps to help teach longitude and latitude, while teaching topography. I love it because it is like using an interactive globe in the classroom. The students love coming to the board to use the maps while I check for understanding.