Excellent critical thinking initiation!

Submitted 6 years ago
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My Take

At first glance it looks just like another boring school website. Login, go here, go there, etc. It's also a paid site. Unless you feel it is something you would use quite often, and worth the money, I wouldn't purchase it (although the 30 day trial period is pretty generous and gives you a good feel for whether it's something you would use). There are other apps and sites out there can accomplish ALMOST what StratLogica does. However, it goes beyond what you might expect in that it's a pretty engaging and an educationally valuable website for social studies, geography and even some math activities.

How I Use It

This is a great tool for classroom instruction, partner work, group work, or even individual assignments. The dual map viewer is a valuable feature for visual learners. It's also useful for the geography aspect of viewing topography of various regions. (In my opinion) it is more valuable used with a SmartBoard. This allows the students to be more interactive with the features of the website. The charts and legends also are concise and give a clear depiction of difficult aspects to grasp when reading a complex atlas or map. The features of the site invoke a lot of critical thinking skills, the students have to use logical and critical thinking. The students can also collaborate on the designs of globes, charts, maps etc.