StoryKit is my "go-to" app for teaching the writing process with K-5. It utilizes images, text and voice to digitize student essays.

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

This is an excellent app for teaching the writing process. Students learn the interface easily and move between their handwritten essay into the digital world easily. I highly recommend it.

How I Use It

I use StoryKit exclusively with third graders when they do case studies of specific countries in Social Studies. I couple it with dropbox and preselect the images students will use. This eliminates problems with photograph copyright issues. Students research country facts, write their essays by hand, then move their work into StoryKit, reading the essay aloud. I embed the image onto the school wikispace, adding a link to their work on the StoryKit server. Parents love to hear their children's voices, and I grade their digital essays against the student-created rubric.