Fun, creative app for writing fiction and nonfiction books!

Submitted 10 years ago
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My Take

This app is a wonderful program for creating books. Students can make a creative book adding photos from their iPad or phone. They can record their voice too. There is even a drawing tool to make their own picture. Students have a few children's classics (ex. Goldilocks and the Three Bears) which can be edited and rewritten-maybe do a fractured fairy tale! I think it is great for nonfiction work too. Write a book about your state or an animal you are studying or an historical figure.

How I Use It

I am using it with 3rd graders who study our state. They write about their state symbols, the history they have learned, the rivers, the crops, etc. They will add voice pages about their field trips soon. The children are engaged and really enjoying the app. This would be great for younger children to make books. They could record their own stories and draw pictures or add photos from their camera roll, without having to rely on written words!