Even High School students are engaged!

Submitted 4 years ago
Ursula R.
Ursula R.
Matoaca High School
Chesterfield VA, US
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My Take

This product increased student engagement especially for students who were not good artists as they could pick and choose their own artist in Storybird.
Parents were able to view student products giving students more motivation to keep up with their work.
It would be nice if students had the option to upload their own pictures to make the stories a bit more personal. Keeping the class in Storybird will keep their work private and out of the public eye.

How I Use It

German 1 students used this to describe themselves and their family. It was a cumulative activity (Project Based Learning) in which students continuously added and updated information based on what they were learning in class. Parents were engaged as well since they were able to read their children's books. This was added motivation for the students to work on their books as well.