Stick pick increases student engagement and is helpful in posing questions appropriate for each learner.

Submitted 9 years ago
Jen W.
Jen W.
Avonworth Elementary School
Pittsburgh PA, US
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My Take

Stick pick is a random way to pick students to answer questions- just like the old fashioned popsicle sticks. The best part is you can program the types of question stem each student gets ahead of time with Bloom's Taxonomy, Bloom's Revised, or ESL. To pick a stick, the teacher either swipes up, taps or shakes the ipad. Then, a variey of appropriate question stems appear, giving the teacher variety in what they might want to ask that particular student. Teachers are able to assess student's answers as either correct, incorrect or as an opinion by tapping a button. This data can be emailed to parents. Teachers are able to change the question level when they want.

How I Use It

During a whole group lesson the kids like knowing their stick could be picked and seem to be more engaged in the lesson and discussion. The nice part is you can reset the sticks or a stick if you want and you can peek at the sticks to pick a particular student during a lesson. In addition, Stick Pick allows you to enter multiple classes. This app would also would be helpful to use in literature circles if you wanted a group to focus on a particular type of question type. They could set up their own group members as a class and have instant question stems based on a specific level of Bloom's Taxonomy. The kids really enjoy the randomness of having their stick picked.