Kindergarten kids (and teachers) love Starfall!

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

Starfall has a place in my classroom year-round. It is great for letter learning/reinforcement at the beginning of the year and for reading later in the year. The scope and sequence is great, the activities are engaging and the characters are lovable. We have the stuffed animals, books & puzzles ordered from the site as well to continue the learning from the computer lab to the classroom :). We also use the free printables for reading and word work!

How I Use It

I use the website weekly as a review for the whole class in the computer lab and more often for individual students needing more practice with letters. It doesn't have individual student logins or tracking, but I get that information in other ways. An AMAZING resource for free! For additional activities you can pay to upgrade to more starfall (which I did for one year but felt the original starfall was enough). We use the printable activities in the classroom as well.