Outstanding app for use in conjunction with an outstanding website.

Submitted 8 years ago
August D.
August D.
Ridgewood Elementary School
Eureka CA, US
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My Take

For those familiar with Starfall.com, the Starfall Learn to Read (SLR) app will NOT disappoint! All of the printable books available on the website are present in the app, but made even better through the fact that children can interact with the stories. Each "book" has supporting activities for the target reading skill, such as word creation, games, and songs. This app guides students through 15 "books", beginning with short vowels, moving next onto blends and digraphs, then silent "e", and finally onto "y" as a vowel. The great thing about SLR is that it has something to offer both on-track kindergarten and pre-kindergarten readers, as well as students in need of enrichment and challenge.

How I Use It

Students work several times per week at the "open" iPad center, self-selecting language arts and math apps to use with pre-assigned partners. Thanks to SLR, students have an opportunity to independently practice the skills we are working on during both whole and small group time. Something new I intend to begin soon is using this app within my small groups. I imagine this app could be used (teacher led) very successfully to introduce and reinforce targeted reading skills during our language arts center rotations.