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Submitted 9 years ago
Lindsay K.
Lindsay K.
Fairview South Elementary School
Skokie IL, US
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My Take

This is a good app for using with students who come to kindergarten with low literacy skills, including some ELL learners. This app reviews the alphabet with students, but as was mentioned in the Graphite review, does not keep track of letters that have been learned or practiced. This product would be better with an incentive for students to learn letters (such as coins) and a way for teachers to limit which letters a student should practice so that they do not keep returning to letters they have already mastered.

How I Use It

I had it pushed out to student tablets who have not yet mastered the alphabet. For the rest of my students, I pushed out Starfall's other (more advanced) app, Learn to Read. Students have one of these apps in their "literacy" folder on their tablets, and can choose this activity when it's literacy time or free choice time.