Fun, unitasker app, to teach letter sound awareness.

Submitted 9 years ago
Dianna B.
Dianna B.
Speech-Language Pathologist
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My Take

This app is the same as the well-know website; it teaches simple letter name and letter sound awareness but it teaches them in a fun, engaging way. The app is primarily a unitasker; it doesn't teach a deep understanding of any concepts but does teach the names/sounds creatively and incorporates some simple tasks to reinforce the learner objectives.

How I Use It

Although this is clearly designed to teach letter names/sounds, as an SLP, I like to use it to introduce learning targets. For a student who says "Mrs. Davin" instead of "Mrs. Gavin," I might start out with this app and choose the "G" letter. The student is bombarded with models of the correct articulation of the /g/ sound, as well as clearly linking the sound to the letter that makes that sound.