An amazing app for teacher -pupil interaction but also pupil-pupil interaction. Such variety for how you can use it and adored by my pupils. Formative assessment in such a quick and effective way.

Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

I have used Spiral in my class for quite a while now and am amazed by how much my pupils and myself love the app. It is easy to use with a little practise and really does make teaching more effective. Yes at times it can be glitchy as it is continually being updated and made better but the spiral team are always available to speak to or email for help.

How I Use It

This app was regularly utilised throughout lessons for quickfire question and answer, longer answers for example sentence structure work, description, story structure, reviewing films/books etc. The app can also be used in small groups to create projects such as persuasive car adverts, science write-ups, presentations of ideas etc. The initial setup can take a little time but once up and running, pupils find it easy to use and very enjoyable. Perfect for use with a bank of ipads and really motivates pupils learning as is something differenr to pen and paper.