Make Coding a Ball!

Submitted 6 years ago
Sarah P.
Sarah P.
Teacher Expert - Educational Technology / IT Collaborator
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The Sphero robot and SPRK app have a lot of promise as a teaching tool in the classroom. It would be difficult to use this to the full potential with only one Sphero robot. I would recommend one robot for every two students.

How I Use It

Use the SPRK Lightening Lab App with your Sphero robot and begin exploring with block based coding. Teachers can propose challenges using Sphero to get students engaged while using academic language in context. For example a teacher could challenge students code the ball to rotate and revolve around and a fixed object. Teachers could also tape angles with different measurements on the floor, the students could measure the angles, and then code the robot to trace the angle. The integration ideas are endless. If you are stuck, the SPRK Lightening Lab has a bank of activities to get the creative juices flowing!