Nice variety of 3-step sequences, cute videos

Submitted 10 years ago
Dianna B.
Dianna B.
Speech-Language Pathologist
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My Take

Very simple & straightforward. Although there are only 3 steps, there are lots of sequences to choose from (some better than others). My students like the characters, and the app lends itself well to learning first-next-then. There is a choice of written cues (watch for tense errors), which some of my students really benefitted from. I use this app regularly.

How I Use It

I use this app for description/story-telling most. I use a visual/graphic organizer, which can slowly be faded out, to promote use of good organization (topic sentence, first-next-then, wrap-up sentence. As the app allows you to choose specific sequences, I can practice the same 5 or so sequences repeatedly to experience success, and then add in other sequences carefully.