My students love it! But they constantly tell me about bugs with the reveries. Basically when they train the reveries it doesnt train like half, so they are stuck with little reveries. Please fix this! But other than that they love/enjoy it!

Submitted 1 year ago
Jimena J.
Jimena J.
Washington Elementary School
Olathe KS, US
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My Take

Its generally a good way to get my students interested in learning, like the other day one of my students said that they learned something new which is nice to know that my students are playing an educational game that they really like. And also one of my students that has some difficulties with metaphors and similes now understand them and can pay attention during the lesson. Basically so many students have improved just with this app. But one of my student keeps getting the same questions she already knows, which is totally unfair because she gets to upgrade stuff basically without work. Also there are a bunch of bugs which annoy my students and me.

How I Use It

I use it as a thing to do once they are done with their actual work, because not all students finish at the same time. Also sometimes ill just let them play it when things go wrong with lessons, or a bug with like online apps I use to put work in.

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