Perfect for encouraging reading.

Submitted 3 years ago
Elizabeth S.
Elizabeth S.
North Park Elementary School
Guymon OK, US
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My Take

The developers are constantly trying to improve the game and always come up with wonderful ideas. My students love that they can battle friends and me. I love the teacher dashboard because it allows me to see how my students are doing. I disagree with the Common Sense review about the reading not being connected to game play because it is Central to everything the kids do in the game. Without answering questions correctly, students can't really do anything in the game. They try hard to get questions correct.

How I Use It

I create assignments based on skills my students need practice with and it allows me to see which questions they struggle with and which questions they understand. It can also be used to adjust levels so that every student is working at their skill level. My students love the game play and I love that in order to level up they must continually answer questions. Reading is Central to game play.