This is a great engagement tool!

Submitted 4 years ago
Jaymee C.
Jaymee C.
Jacksonville High School
Jacksonville AR, US
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My Take

I do like this as an educational tool. I do not like that it cost. I am glad that it is a free service and allows for further engagement or enrichment. SoundCloud provides another way for students to communicate with teachers. It gives students a creative outlet for their educational thoughts. I think that it adds engagement because it peaks student interest. It is also good for differentiation in your class for the different levels of learning. I really like using this in my classroom.

How I Use It

This is a good tool for sharing auditory files. For example, if a student is an auditory learner than lessons can be recorded, shared, and listened to at a later date. I like this idea for students to share their thoughts with the class and the teacher. I like the idea that they can speak their thoughts rather than being required to write about it. This helps those students with low literacy because they can often better express themselves verbally rather than written.