A good app: easy to use, a good way to assess student understanding.

Submitted 9 years ago
Kate S.
Kate S.
Archbishop Mitty High School
San Jose CA, US
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My Take

Socrative is a good , solid app. I find it easy to use, to set up and like the instant feedback. Students can use it anonymously or with their name. Its quick to use and professional looking. TES, Times Educational Supplement, a UK based educational resource, has many Socrative quizzes, pre made by teachers that can be used.
The use of Socrative app allows the classroom to become more dynamic, more exciting for students and provides for a very appropriate use of hand held devices such as iPad. Outside the classroom, Socrative can be used at department meetings to get feedback etc.

How I Use It

The Socrative App is useful for conducting a variety of activities using iPads. I use it for practise quizzes for the students, as exit tickets at the conclusion of a lesson and as a tool for me, the teacher to judge how well students are understanding concepts. I also use it as a way to assess prior knowledge.The space race part of the app is great and allows students to compete with each other in groups while taking quizzes or answering questions. I use Socrative a lot at the start of a new unit when I want to elicit key words which allow me to tailor my lesson to my students understanding. I can show a short video- for example in science I show an interview with Michael J Fox about Parkinson Disease and use Socrative to gather feedback.