A little complicated getting set up

Submitted 8 years ago
Darci L.
Darci L.
Technology coordinator
Holy Family Schools
Lindsay NE, US
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My Take

The kids really liked the score keeping - gamification with reading quizzes. I used it as a sub plan activity once a class was really practiced in how to use it. I could check the activity and scores even if I wasn't in the room when it was being used.

How I Use It

I created student accounts in order to have students log in. Without logging in, they don't have access to quizzes or commenting. Even if they are able to comment, I still have to log in and approve their comments before they appear. That is both good and bad. The positive side is that you can check for spelling and appropriateness. The bad side is that kids get frustrated when their comment doesn't show up ,and they often re-type it over and over hoping it will show.