Variety of articles to engage students with nonfiction texts

Submitted 8 years ago
James Denby
James Denby
Educator/Curriculum Developer
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My Take

I don't like TweenTribune as much as Newsela. One element of it is the overall design aesthetic. It's not appealing to students, and they gravitate towards Newsela far more. Another aspect is the quizzes. I don't like the questions in them as much and find they are not as good as discussion starters for students. That said, this is an effective tool that provides a useful platform for teachers and students.

How I Use It

TweenTribune is similar to Newsela. I can assign stories to students or classes for students to read based on reading level or topic. Students can then take quizzes after reading to assess their reading comprehension. I can use the grade book function to monitor growth, check for problems in understanding, or to target instruction.