Slice It! is a fun way for students to engage in a visual understanding of reflections!

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

I like Slice It! for an easy 5-minute end of class game for my students. Being in a school district that is one-to-one, I like to find "games" that are educational. Slice It! is one that I allow students to play for a few minutes. In a few weeks, my students will be writing "reviews" of math apps, explaining what math content they have learned and how the app has increased their knowledge. Maggie M.

How I Use It

Slice It! is, at the core, a game. It cannot really be used as a creationary tool. However, it is a quick app to load and play at the end of a class period. It is not an app I would say is NEEDED for students to really go deeply into their understanding of mathematics. Maggie M.