Keep student work organized and on-track with online management

Submitted 7 years ago
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My Take

Skaffl is a basic, easy-to-use student assignment center that allows students to easily submit assignments and visualize what is due and when. The app is available for iPads, and classes can be setup quickly by using unique class codes. Skaffl can be used in any content area -- students can respond to assignments in-app, or they can upload resources from other popular apps such as Pages or GoogleDocs. The overall interface (free version) is very basic, making the app easy to use, yet kinda boring. If your school already uses something like Schoology or Canvas, this app is not for you.

How I Use It

I suggest using Skaffl as tool to help increase student responsibility and to collect work easily (assuming you don't already use another online platform). Assignments that are posted in Skaffl can require students to create responses in-app, or allow additional resources to be uploaded. Other documents, such as notes, can also be uploaded and distributed to students, too. After assignments are submitted by students, the instructor can create notes that are seen by students and assign an overall grade to the submission. I also suggest using Skaffl for students on an independent study, or who are frequently absent from school, as Skaffl is a good resource to keep students updated on assignments and allow them to turn them in from home.