Great for teaching ELL students or students who are reading below grade level

Submitted 6 years ago
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This app can work great as an intervention or a teaching resource that could be used congruently with teaching practices. I wont not use their every day or every week, but rather as an introduction activity or during review or small group instruction. It does a great job of keeping students engaged but when students use it too much outcomes become predictable. This is extremely effective in teaching ELL students content specific vocabulary through an interactive platform.

How I Use It

I teach 6th grade Science and while this app does not direct align with my standards is a great tool for aiding students who are below grade level in reading or for teaching content vocabulary to ELL students. I have used this tool to help fill the gaps of some of my students. Unfortunately, students who get to 6th grade Science are not always exposed to the Science content in the primary grades. Sid's Science Fair allows me to introduce or reinforce standards or concepts that students are missing or have not yet mastered. What I will say is that because they are really only three options to chose from, I only use their from time to time. Typically, when students are working in small groups I will pull a group and have them work through this app.