Make Reading Social. Students can Create List, Share Favorites, Give Reviews

Submitted 8 years ago
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The social aspect of the website allows students the feel of social media through friending and following but it can take the focus away from the reading, reviewing capabilities of the website. I like to share my reading lists with students to give them a starting place to begin to use creditable resources for social studies in the area of Hawaiian studies. How do I get students to want to actively share and reflect upon their reading more using the program. The ability for students to leave reviews and edit summary information about the book if its most appealing features to me. I feel it will help students to share their voice as well as leaving a positive digital foot print. I would like to see more teacher connected ways to help better connect teacher and students with in the website.

How I Use It

Students are able to create reading list of books they have read, are reading, or plan to read. Then students can rate each book and their classmates can view their ratings and reviews. Students can add or change reviews. Students can add classmates for peer interaction. Students can upload list files of books that they will be reading throughout the year and view reviews from students in previous years.