A great alternative to vocabulary memorization in younger students!

Submitted 8 years ago
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I think this software represents one of the great benefits of interactive learning but also has some of the set backs still involved with the software. It is an enjoyable way for students to learn both problem solving and vocabulary at the same time which isn't a common feature of educational technology. It isn't a cure all and can only be effectively used in most classrooms in certain ways. If it is student driven or used as homework this may cement many of the vocabulary that students using the rest of their life and also make them better learners in the long run with its problem solving focus. It is a great example of the best and worse in educational gaming.

How I Use It

This originally entertainment based game turned educational software is quite different from much of the other applications in this library. First the negative, this software shouldn't be used during class time nor does the Scribblenauts Remix have the ability to introduce new subject matter to students. It does not have much in terms of collaborative learning, and some students may turn away from such an application. That being said Scribblenauts is an effectively way to change up the system on homework and to move away from the idea of repetition of learning essential vocabulary words and focusing on how to use these words in a constructive way. The best part of this software isn't the focus on learning vocabulary but the intrinsic amount of problem solving incorporated with learning these vocabulary. I think using this software as an enriching assignment or as homework with a focus towards students who may not relate well to typical methods of learning vocabulary.