Scribblenauts: Provide vocabulary to problem solve

Submitted 9 years ago
Cynthia S.
Cynthia S.
Fremont Public Schools
Fremont NE, US
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My Take

This not something I would use as a teaching tool, but instead a resource for extra practice. It does provide reinforcement in spelling and accession of vocabulary terms as the player moves through the game. It was a little cumbersome to figure out what was needed and how each component worked. I spent a great deal of time reading the "help" hints. My concern would be that some students would become frustrated and give up.

How I Use It

This is an innovative idea as it combines problem solving and vocabulary creation. It would be a nice addition to a learning center environment to reinforce vocabulary, speaking, and writing skills. The app requires the player to provide written words to access tools for the avatar to use in the course of the game. It would be a nice tool to support ELL students in learning language and vocabularly.