Quick, easy and to the point video creation

Submitted 8 years ago
Laura  B.
Laura B.
Technology Integration Specialist
K–12 school
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My Take

I have shared this app with many of the teachers at my school. It is very simple to use for the students and teachers. I like that is gives the teacher an additional formative assessment method to check for understanding. If the teacher was using the app for math and the student had to explain the steps, the teacher could hear where in the process the student might be having a difficult time understanding how to solve the problem. The teacher could also share videos that are solved correctly with students that are making mistakes to help them find where the errors are occurring in the process. It is also a great way for students to annotate an image that is available.

This app is a great introduction for students into the ISTE standards. The app gives students the opportunity to practice recording their own voice and expressing their ideas to explain a concept. If the student isn't satisfied, they can easily delete and restart.

Screen Chomp is easy to integrate across the curriculum to meet the state and ISTE standards.

How I Use It

The students used this app in their math 7th grade math class. The students were instructed to explain the Pythagoras theorem. The students worked a problem from the homework assignment using the app. The students used the whiteboard to show the problem and recorded their voice on how to solve the problem. The video was then saved and was uploaded to Edmodo for the teacher and other students to check the work.