No frills, no fuss...launch it and go!

Submitted 9 years ago
Stephen H.
Stephen H.
Technology coordinator
Chickering Elementary School
Dover MA, US
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My Take

This is one of the must-have apps for iPads. It is so easy to learn and there are no bells and whistles to distract students. Launch, record and save- it's really as easy as that. Once you record your screencast, you can choose to share it and can easily get a link to your screencast. It's a great way to have students access your screencast or to share a screencast that a student has made with his or her parents. The company that makes it has excellent customer service and makes some other terrific screencasting products.

How I Use It

Just drop the iPad off at a student's desk and have her record how she solved a problem. You can then immediately play the screencast so that other students can hear how she solved the problem. The screencast can be saved so that you have a digital record of her work that can be pulled up at any time. One student finds that using the iPad is an engaging way to hear about the morning routine. A teacher made a screencast of the morning routine with drawings and audio. The student plays it each morning in order to calm down after coming off the bus and get started with the day.