Great for Student Created Problem Explanation videos

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I find this to be a really easy to use app for making problem solving videos on the ipad. You can very easily show all work and explain the steps of a problems. These videos can then be posted for students to view. The app gives you a whiteboard screen that you can write on using a finger or a stylus while recording audio at the same time. This is incredibly useful for students to see the work that is being done at the same time as hearing an explanation. When you do not want to go through the process of using a full video creation tool, this is an easy way to create a video that can be posted for students to use as a resource. The only negative is that you have to post the videos to their site but it is very easy to link or embed these videos onto another site for your class.

How I Use It

I have used this app to have students show their work on a homework problem. This can then be shared with all the students for review. Students will get into groups of two or three and then write out the steps to a homework problem or in class problem while explaining the logic of their work. It is very similar to students doing a problem in front of the class on the board but has the major advantage that it can be saved and shared for further study. I have had students also make up their own problems and then solve them on the video to share with their classmates when reviewing for a quiz or test. Each group will come up with an good example problem of the types being covered on the test and record their answer. These can then be complied into a review guide for the entire class.

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