A great way for students to create and share: screen capture and audio

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

This is a good teaching tool because it allows the students in my Math class to explain their process to come to a solution and share with the class. The App captures the students writing and their voice as they explain. Explaining math process to others is an important skill and this allows students to explain but also diminishes the "scare factor" of having to be up in front of the class. The App is easy to learn, easy to use and reliable.

How I Use It

We use Screen Chomp in my 8th Grade Math class. I will assign problems to small groups. They discuss ways to solve and then record their final process on Screen Chomp to share with the class. The App captures their written process and their audio presentation. We play them back for the class. Students can also send me a Screen Chomp when they are struggling with HW. I can see what they are doing incorrectly and help them to be successful.