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Basic screencasting app has limited options but allows easy sharing

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Price: Free
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Pros: Both creating and sharing are extremely easy.

Cons: You can only create one page per recording; there's no teacher dashboard or community.

Bottom Line: Easy to use for both kids and teachers, but it's not as versatile as other screencasting options.

Use ScreenChomp to record lessons for your students -- it's easy to share, so they'll be able to watch from home or simply review a concept during class. You could also use a ScreenChomp screencast as part of a substitute lesson plan to help ensure that your students get the instruction you intend, even when you can't be there! In terms of professional development, you can include links to your ScreenChomps on blogs or other social media sites.

ScreenChomp is an interactive whiteboard app that lets teachers or students create and share screencasts. They can write on the virtual whiteboard to demonstrate a concept, and also record their voice as they write. ScreenChomp offers three pen options (a black pen, red marker, and highlighter), the option to add a background image from the device's photo library or Dropbox, and an eraser (including a whole-screen erase function). It's easy to mark up or highlight the background image to demonstrate a lesson. Recording can be paused, if necessary, but there's no undo button. The screencast can be shared instantly via email or Twitter, or you can save to ScreenChomp's server and share the link wherever you choose.

ScreenChomp is just one more way to flip instruction in your classroom. It also works well for helping students learn remotely, whenever they may not be in the classroom. Because of its simplicity, it's fairly easy for teachers to use ScreenChomp to record lessons. Kids will find the uncluttered interface easy to navigate, whether they're learning with the app in the classroom or practicing concepts on their own at home. The basic sharing features make it easy for kids to record themselves; they can teach concepts to classmates or get help from each other as well as from teachers.

While it could be used for student presentations, ScreenChomp isn't as versatile as other presentation apps like PreziPopplet, and Animoto. Also, ScreenChomp doesn't offer the type of teacher interface or community that you'll find with Educreations Interactive Whiteboard (a clear leader among interactive whiteboard apps). Neither does ScreenChomp allow for multiple pages or images in a screencast, which may limit its usability in some situations. A teacher's community would make it much easier to search for, catalog, and share great teaching ideas.

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Kids will love creating their own ScreenChomps. Also, viewing teacher-created ScreenChomps can be a fun way to bring some variety to lessons.


Kids can view a teacher's ScreenChomps repeatedly to cement understanding. They can also ask questions of classmates or the teacher, using both words and interactive images to convey meaning clearly.


There's a how-to video tutorial, and the interface is very intuitive. Creations are saved to ScreenChomp's servers and are easy to share. However, there's no teacher dashboard or user community to speak of.

Common Sense reviewer
Amanda Bindel
Amanda Bindel Teacher

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Quick, easy and to the point video creation

I have shared this app with many of the teachers at my school. It is very simple to use for the students and teachers. I like that is gives the teacher an additional formative assessment method to check for understanding. If the teacher was using the app for math and the student had to explain the steps, the teacher could hear where in the process the student might be having a difficult time understanding how to solve the problem. The teacher could also share videos that are solved correctly with students that are making mistakes to help them find where the errors are occurring in the process. It is also a great way for students to annotate an image that is available.

This app is a great introduction for students into the ISTE standards. The app gives students the opportunity to practice recording their own voice and expressing their ideas to explain a concept. If the student isn't satisfied, they can easily delete and restart.

Screen Chomp is easy to integrate across the curriculum to meet the state and ISTE standards.

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