Rubbish software with poor support

Submitted 4 years ago
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Screencastify is terrible software. I spent 4+ hours changing settings and trying to get the right mic configuration to no avail. It would only use the external mic to record video instead of the internal sound recording. I emailed support at least 15 times and eventually they made me feel like it was my problem or my fault and that this was probably the first example of such a failure they had ever ever ever experienced. And then when i said i could no longer justify spending more time trying all the different options to fix the problem the response was "I cannot process your refund since we have a no-refund policy which is detailed in our terms. I'm afraid you'll get the same response from anyone else in the company. ".
LESSON: anyone who reverts immediately to say that the refusal to do the right thing and respond to a genuine complaint is buried in "the terms and conditions" is a BIG red flag. Surely if you have a good product and good support but cannot solve the exceptional occasion when some technical thing causes a failure to use the product then you would be more than happy to refund that customers purchase. But in this case the immediate response was a denial. All that says is that the problem probably isnt unique and that they certainly do not stand behind their product.

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