So Simple to Use and Easy to Share!

Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

I haven't tried any assessment of student learning yet with this tool. I think it would be great if the free version of the tool allowed users to embed clickable links at the end of the video to another website (like Google Forms, for assessment). I also think it would be great if the tool could easily allow you to bookmark and label bookmarks within the video for students to be able to review later. Perhaps this is a feature that I don't know about or that is only available in the paid program. I would be okay with ads in the program if extra features were available for free.

How I Use It

I used this product in a University library setting to provide a video tutorial to distance business students needing to do company financial research. It is so easy to use this tool and I had used it in a K-12 setting at a previous job as an elementary school library media specialist so I remembered it and chose to use it again rather than learn a new tool. Because of the way in which I used this tool, I cannot really gauge the effectiveness of this tool in engagement, pedagogy, supports, and overall learning. I can give this tool an AMAZING rating for convenience and ease of use in creating content to share!