Teaching as a Way to Learn

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I have been using Screencast-o-matic (SOM) with teachers online in my Moodle training workshops for a number of years. My students create video tutorials using Screencast-o-matic. SOM provides students with a tool of communication and learning. They create video tutorials and publish the on Youtube, Google Drive, and on Vimeo. I love the ease of using the tool. I also use SOM to edit videos. I import videos from my phone or from online conferences and edit them.

The drawing tools are probably my favourite feature because they allow me to demonstrate and my students to communicate effectively. We can express what we mean by adding arrows and text.

How I Use It

I teach English as a foreign language to young learners ages 12-15 in a public school and professional development to educators worldwide. Screencast-o-matic caters to my philosophy of education because it allows my students to teach as a way to learn. They peer teach by creating video tutorials using Screencast-o-maticand present their work in front of the class and publish it online.

The students work in teams of 3-5. They create Google slides as a team and screenshare their work using Screencast-o-matic. They use the video with the screen. They also record their voices and create videos using the app on their smart phones while in the classroom or as homework. They are also able to use the drawing tools to better explain what they mean.

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