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Submitted 4 years ago
Sabrina B.
Sabrina B.
Central High School
Macon GA, US
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I know I sound like a sales pitch but it is seriously a wonderful product. I started with the free version and upgraded to the $15/ year submission. Best $15 I ever spent.
Product allows you to record or create instructional/ informative videos or pull from the web. Connect it to a document camera and record how to make secondary colors or math problems. Really whatever suits you needs. This was especially helpful if I wanted to show a video from Youtube but my county used to block the site. Additionally, you won't be surprised by pop-up ads for Victoria's Secret (for example) because your videos are prerecorded and no longer linked to websites like Youtube.
This website saved my life. especially when I used to teach 1000 elementary students on a seven day rotation, I discovered this product at a professional learning development course for Art teachers and I was hooked.
Imagine grading papers while students watched a recording of the demonstrations. And for the elementary , middle or high school students that say, "You didn't say that I had to do that." Well, yes, I did. Your proof is in the instructional video.

How I Use It

I LOVE Screencast-o-matic!
This website allows me to create video content or record videos from online. I have used screencast videos for whole group, individual students and centers. It essentially allows you to be two or more people at once.
Tired of repeating instructions? Screencast-o-matic has got you covered. Have students that were absent and need catching up? No problem. Want to create content for flipping in the classroom? This is the place. Have a student that need small bits of information at a slower place. Look no further.