Screencast-o-Matic is my go to teacher tool!

Submitted 4 years ago
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My Take

I love this tool. In it's most basic form as a screen recorder, it saves my students from having to suffer through a long lecture in class.

In it's more advanced form as a video editor and creator, this tool can seamlessly create all sorts of videos using many types of platforms and tools. Want to video record? It can do it! Want to screencast? yup! Want to do both? Of course. CAre to splice together pieces of this video in to pieces of that video? Why not. What ever you can dream up, this tool can use.

Also, it should not go with out saying that it is easy to upload videos to a variety of places, including YouTube, your computer (as a versatile .mp4 file), to google drive, and more.

Lastly, while this tool is a screencasting product first, it's editing tools are phenomenal. You can do so many things with the editor without having to use a third party editing tool.

You can't go wrong using screencast-o-matic for your screencasting needs.

How I Use It

This product is a screen recording tool and is only limited to what you can think of. I have recorded all my notes so that students can take notes at home. I have live recorded demonstrations so that students can see them. I have recorded simulations off of the internet. Students have used this tool to make their own presentations and their own videos on how to do problems to show other students. This product is as versatile as it gets when thinking screencasting.

The only limitations of this product come when its time to edit. I have found that some of the editing features are limited or don't carry over from recording to recording.