Great for Language Based Students and vocabulary/spelling practice

Submitted 8 years ago
Ann L.
Ann L.
Van Wyck Junior High School
Wappingers Falls NY, US
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My Take

I love the game, and using this as a 'fun' day gives the students a chance to show what they are learning and practice it. They enjoy the competition and don't realize that they are actually learning. The boards were good, but having it electronic, keeping score for them, lets them concentrate on the spelling aspect which is what I want.

How I Use It

I have Language Based Students that have a special reading program built into their day. Many of the concepts are for decoding are mastered, while the encoding part still in a weakness. I use the Scrabble game to build their encoding while they get to play a game. I started with the board versions, but the tiles were always an issue. Now with the app, they can play without having to manipulate the tiles. The students pair up, or work individually against the computer. They use their knowledge of spelling rules to help them at first. Then the games double checks them and will let them know when they are incorrect. They are encouraged to use vocabulary taught in the lessons and get extra points in class for doing so. When playing against the computer you can manipulate the levels, so I can let them play at beginner level until they get comfortable. After they have been playing, I started introducing the strategy of using the points and bonus spaces. Now they are using strategies and math too.