Useful for engaging reluctant students

Submitted 10 years ago
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This is a fun game to play with high vocabulary students. Students who struggle with spelling can get frustrated. I am not sure students learn a lot, but students who enjoy words like to play and it can help ease them into a group or individual counseling session. I love having game apps on my phone and ipad as it means I can offer a lot of choice to students without having to physically carry 30 games with me wherever I go.

How I Use It

I use scrabble to reach high vocab but low talking students during counseling sessions. I also play feeling words only editions where every word played by the players must be related to feelings. This can really help expand feelings word vocabulary. I use a list of feeling words so students do not need to worry about spelling. With students in special ed, I accept any spelling so the focus is on the play and not on the precision of spelling a word.