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How Can I Teach with This Tool?

SciCheck is a part of and evaluates false or misleading scientific claims. Start using SciCheck to bolster your own knowledge and stay on top of the latest in scientific news -- especially about climate change. As you get better at spotting misinformation, think about how kids are consuming this information and how it might affect the prior knowledge they bring into the classroom. Make a plan to use SciCheck to address misconceptions and opposing opinions that will likely arise in class discussions.

Once you feel comfortable with the site, have students use SciCheck as part of their research process. But beyond just using it as a fact-checker, incorporate SciCheck and other sites like Snopes, Checkology, and PolitiFact into lessons that build students' news-, information-, and media-literacy skills. You can also have students submit their own questions to the site, or check out the other resources available, such as the media literacy game Newsfeed Defenders

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