Takes time/effort to fully utilize; saves more time/effort once familiar.

Submitted 4 years ago
Ross P.
Ross P.
Reeves Middle School
Olympia WA, US
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My Take

Schoology has streamlined and simplified many of my classroom routines and practices. I also like the access I have to student thinking. Schoology acts as a digital record, so that both students and I have continued access to their assessments, both formative and summative. My students take their class exams through Schoology, and it has SIGNIFICANTLY reduced the amount of time it takes to grade assessments. I spend less than half as much time grading compared to paper exams containing the exact same content.

However, Schoology takes a considerable amount of time to set up. Teachers must convert all of their curriculum materials into Schoology. It is compatible with google suite, but I have not used this feature. Many navigation and set-up features are not intuitive to the average computer user. Skyward syncing can be finicky, but is a major time saver once it has been properly set up.

How I Use It

I teach middle school science. I use Schoology to digitally replace many of my tried and true classroom activities. Students complete daily starter activities, complete many in-class assignments, and take exams through my schoology class pages. I also post many class resources and daily lessons on Schoology for students to reference at home. When I am gone from school, I post detailed lesson plans on Schoology for students to complete in my absence.