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Schoology works best for a whole school setting where different ability levels of instructors and learners will be accessing the platform. Especially suited to an establishment which intends to develop a blended learning and learning self-paced learning approach outside of the classroom. A school which confidently uses mobile apps and digital technologies will find Schoology a healthy addition to their collection of digital tools.

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The Archbishop of York Youth Trust has been running social action awards for over 5 years throughout the north of the UK. However, our vision was to allow the award to run by any school internationally. After a comprehensive analysis of LMS and VLE platforms, we settled on Schoology. The platform we chose needed to allow for excellent communication, a superb facility to deliver excellent bespoke content and equally as important the facility to collect both teacher and student evidence. We needed a platform we could lock down where needed and open up if required. Schoology ticked all out specific boxes.