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Submitted 5 years ago
Nicholas A.
Nicholas A.
Technology coordinator
Ramapo Indian Hills Regional High School District
Oakland NJ, US
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My Take

Overall, I think Schoology can help revamp teaching. After using Schoology in class with students, I have also begun using it as an online classroom for professional development for teachers. It affords teachers a designated place for collaboration, a way to store and share resources, and gives me the flexibility to personalize and design professional development that is geared toward our district goals. As a teacher, Schoology helped me take a closer look at my lesson design, and how I went about organizing my lessons and units, and how I aimed to engage students. With all of Schoologies features, I began getting rid of "digital worksheets" and designing more interactive elements, student-to-student and teacher-to-student.

How I Use It

Schoology is a great way to manage students in your classroom as well as the work they complete and submit. While teaching HS English, I ran anything and everything through Schoology. I organized my units of study into folders, and organized the activities/lessons within following Blooms. This fostered mastery and helped me build a personalized learning environment. On the daily my students would: enter my class, login to Schoology, complete the Do Now, and then access any work/assignments for the day. Since I also gamified and blended my classroom, students had time at the end of every class period to work at their own pace. It was during this class time that Schoology worked wonders. Schoology afforded me the ability to set completion settings so that students were mandated to complete assignments in a certain way/order and then master the skills necessary before moving on. I then had the ability to check student completion percentages, see what students have completed and where they are struggling, and work with those students individually. There are few, if any LMS's out there that can do this. While teaching a resource level English class, students voiced that they liked how Schoology organized all of their assignments and work and stored everything they submitted, as they could come back to it at a later time. This became a piece of mind for these students who would normally lose the work they spent so much time and effort on.