Best LMS on the Market

Submitted 6 years ago
David W.
David W.
Fairbanks High School
Milford Center OH, US
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My Take

As a classroom teacher in a 1:1 environment, I couldn't have survived without Schoology. Everything was run through their platform. Students would access daily agendas and course updates, Schoology allowed me to release control of the classroom over to my students. They became much more self directed because they realized they did not need me to guide them through every single step. In my current role which focuses more on Professional Development, Schoology allows me to deliver content to my teachers and support them through their learning experiences. The product continues to grow, necessary features that were not there a year or two ago are continually added. Our 1:1 project relies on Schoology to streamline the delivery of content, we are continually looking for applications that can be used through the Schoology platform instead of having to send students out to other websites, especially in our younger grades. I cannot say enough good things about Schoology.

How I Use It

In my 7 years as a teacher I was always looking for the latest and greatest tools. The one thing that never changed, was Schoology. They are constantly improving their product and updating to make it better. I used all the free features of Schoology with my students. We took all of our assessments via their platform. They submitted assignments, essays, and projects via the dropboxes. I was able to easily attach rubrics to the work that students were creating. My favorite piece was the discussions. It allowed me to elicit responses from all students, not just the ones who were willing to raise their hands. I would often use the online discussions to facilitate a face to face discussion in class the next day. I was able to use the responses from the online portion to direct and callout specific responses that could further our in class discussion. Schoology is an all around great tool, if you are looking for an LMS, it would be a mistake not to consider Schoology.