Great tool for SAT vocabulary practice! A "slamming" way to practice vocabulary.

Submitted 8 years ago
Marla Kay D.
Marla Kay D.
Forest Lake Education Center
Longwood FL, US
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My Take

Vocabulary is an important aspect of the SAT process, and this app is a hit with students! The ability to create your own word lists, enjoy humorous poetry test yourself on words makes this a fun app! Students and teachers can also use this tool to provide a "Word of the Day" in a one to one classroom setting.

In addition to the app features, students, parents and teachers can find tools and support on the website,

How I Use It

The SAT Vocabulary Slam app can by used by most students. I find the playlist to be very helpful, since students can add or delete words in the list. Students can design their own test by selecting "easy" or 'difficult" questions. Added, are "Remember This" clues to help students put definitions in their memory banks!

Using this app during the class period, or in the first few minutes of class, can ignite interest and student discussion about words! High school students like the humorous poetry and the actor voices! I would use this app in frequent, short segments to keep interest high.

Possible "con's" of this product might be the price and the fact that additional word sets cost up to $2.99.