The original sliding block traffic jam puzzle

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Rush Hour is the virtual version of the puzzle game of the same name. The purpose of the game is to figure out how to move the red car through the exit gate. To accomplish this task, you just have to move the cars and trucks that are blocking the exit out of the way. The free version of Rush Hour has 35 challenges. Upgrade to the full version, and you get a collection of 2500 puzzles. Upon initial review, direct classroom use for this puzzle game was not clearly evident. However, these puzzles can help students with critical thinking skills as part of a classroom enrichment program. With the appropriate structure in place, students can use this game to develop their thinking process. The biggest challenge will be getting students to put the game down.

How I Use It

The primary function in the classroom would be as an extension activity by providing a good problem-solving game for students on a classroom set of iPads. If a student gets a little frustrated, there is a hint button available. If a student gets very frustrated, there is a solve button available. There are some functions built into the app that make it “classroom-friendly.” The app keeps track if the student uses a hint or sees the solution of the puzzle. It is possible to reset all of the data in the app. This would allow one student to solve a set of puzzles, clear their puzzles, and pass it off to the next student to start fresh. Students can play independently or in groups. Within a group, students can each take turns moving one of the vehicles until the puzzle is solved.

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