Free and Clear Rubrics

Submitted 5 years ago
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Overall, I love this as a teaching tool and have not yet found anything even close enough to rival it.

How I Use It

I use these rubrics for everything (book reports, current events, class oral presentations, essays, poems, collages, you get the idea)! They have a wide range of topics that I haven't even gotten into (interviews, etc). I have a few that I use over and over (make sure that you check permanent since I think temporary is the default setting). I also like to download them prior to printing (that way I can edit the name section to not just be my name, if I'm working with a coteacher) and so that it doesn't show the timestamp at the bottom of the page!

I give the rubrics out to students prior to them starting an assignment and they know what to include. The language is easy enough for students to evaluate one another using, but academic enough to please any administration. And since I use them often, my students get quite familiar with them.

easy to use
saves rubrics
easy to download
wide range of preloaded options
easy to edit template

I wish the topics would get updated sometimes.